# Version Changes


+ Hopefully fixed lanterns
+ Fix for the kits
+ Fixed waypoint of Anuminas not unlocking.



+ Updated to latest LOTR mod release
+ Removed Old athelas brews to athelas recipe (Duplication reasons)
+ Another try to fix the Food & Shop faction kit.
+ Fixed language mistake for the structure Ravenhill
+ Wood-Elven Brown armor is now in the right achievement category



+ Fix for the kits
+ Fixed Sauron, Black Numenor and laketown helmet models
+ Fixed parrot food bowl placement
+ Added new lamps



+ Added Trimmed Wicked-Dwarf Bricks
+ Added Moriquendi Trimmed Bricks
+ Fixed Redbook not working in GUI
+ Fixed overlays for Black Numenorean captain helmet and Sauron Helmet
+ Athelas now is reworked. Its an new item that has the right effects. Old atheles brew can reverted to athelas plants.
+ White Numenorean gear has now own achievement.
+ Orocarni Boar riders have now the right boar armor when hired
+ Changed how faction kits work.
+ Lowered mine ability cooldown
+ Increases skill lamps their XP that you recieve
+ Mining Ability is now bigger
+ War Drum now plays in Jukebox/Noteblocks music category.
+ Added wooden buckets & the ability to place them
+ Upgraded Special Crafting Table to new model
+ Added bowls for each dye in the game
+ Bowls can now be placed in the world
+ Changed Cardolan Sword and armor texture
+ Added Booth block and Booth Top Item. (For shops)
+ Automatic switch system. First switch is after you joined your first faction. Then you can switch again after 2 weeks of playing. Then again after 3 weeks; and then agan after 4 weeks. From that moment it will be possibile to switch each month to another faction. However you need to join for that EACH day of the month.
+ Added Eregion Smith
+ Added Quest item
+ Updated to last LOTR mod update




+ fixed bugg when trying to join a faction



+ Changed Regen duration in athelas from 2 minutes to 1 minute
+ Added 40 seconds of weakness to athelas
+ Weakness is now -1.5 instead of 0.5
+ Vulnerability is buffed.
+ You can now craft mechanisms in all subfactions that have new steel
+ Dorwinion gear (men and elves) can now be reforged in dalish smiths
+ Bugg chat cooldown is now shorter
+ You can now personally toggle your faction race effects.
+ Suggestion discussions is now only 15 seconds cooldown.
+ You can now craft Poison arrows in Dalish craftingtable and all subfaction crafting tables.
+ Glass Slab
+ Stained Glass Slab
+ Fine Glass Slabs
+ Added Banners in all 16 Colors. Cannot be used to protect areas.
+ Added Wicked Dwarf gate
+ Added Moriquendi Gate
+ Added Orocarni Gate
+ Changed structures from wicked Dwarf, moriquendi and Orocarni to spawn with their new Gates
+ Galadhrim CLoak armor is now reforgeable in the Galadhrim Smith
+ Added Black Numenorian Captain Helmet
+ Morgul armor is now reforgeable in angmar & Mordor Smiths
+ Added Mithrill Piles
+ Added a Laketown Helmet
+ Changed arnor their faction effect to wither immunity
+ Added Staff Banner
+ Fixed Buggs
+ Added back all labels



+ Fixed bugg



+ Changed Website in help gui
+ Added register system



+ Fixed faction gui buggs
+ Added slider to buy points
+ Fixed achievement for Orocarni Smith
+ made all new added steel recipes back to iron



+ Added Hobbit Bane
+ Added faster hay bale remove with all hoe and pikes.
+ Changed Vertical Wrench to slabifier
+change the recipe of norther orc draught to make it morgul shrrooms instead of durnur (kinda makes no sense since durnur doesnt spawn in angmar biomes)
+Make it so you cannot lose alignment of your own pledged faction if you break a grave inside a bannered area.



+ Small Fixes



+ Fixed small bugg



+ Decreased lagg from Faction GUI
+ Added command to make offline players leader/commander
+ Fixed mossy brick recipes for all new added mossy bricks
+ men of the west are now invisible in White Mountains



+ Bugg Fixes



+ Fixed all buggs of faction GUI



+ Resource points work now (i hope)



+ Resource points update now
+ Added arena feature
+ fixed all orc factions their mount units
+ removed durability from crate
+ Added laketown shield
+ Wrench Item works now



+ Disabled wrench function. Because it broke shit



+ Fixed server crash with Vertical Slab Wrench



+ Fixed bugg with Presents
+ Fixed bugg with crates
+ Added brewing recipes for all new brews
+ New wood-elven armors are now reforagble
+ Fixed bugg with glowstone brick in orocarni crafting
+ Added vertical slab wrench! changed how you place vertical slabs



+ Fixed bugg with getting effects from water
+ Added Officer Scout Wood-Elven achievement
+ Added Brown Wood-Elven achievement



+ Added Officer Scout Wood-Elven Armor
+ Added Brown Wood-Elven Armor
+ Added Brown Wood-Elven Shield
+ Added Feather Falling Effect
+ Added Vulnerability Effect
+ Added Damage Reflection Effect
+ Added Immovibility Effect
+ Added Ascent Effect
+ Added Antidote Effect
+ Added High Step Effect
+ Added Fumbling Effect
+ Added Archery Effect
+ Added Bree Quest blocks
+ Added Candy Log
+ Added Garland Spruce
+ Added Garland Bell
+ Added Snow Globe
+ Added Treat Plate
+ Added Ornament in all 16 colors
+ Added Ornament Glass
+ Added Peppermint Planks
+ Added 4 Special Flakes
+ Added Sugar, Chocolate, Sprinkeled, Candy cookies
+ Added Blue Pie
+ Added Candy Cane
+ Added Present
+ On faction reset you will now lose all your achievements and waypoints
+ Fixed that you can join spectate when you are already spectating
+ Northern Orcs are now hidden in Angmar Woods
+ Added green apple as healing item for horses
+ Moved Carar Galadhon waypoint down. (Only time i will do this)
+ Added button in bank block to transfer all money from your inventory to your account
+ Changed Iron Hills textures to new made by MinerAedan
+ Added the arkenstone
+ Added dorwinion elves back
+ Added Lettuce block
+ Added ability to use man flesh on kebabstand
+ Changed lossarnach damage to 8.5
+ Changed fortification recipe outcome from 1 block to 4
+ Removed fix of bugg that i writed in a line down here for the elven rope. aka it doesnt damage anyone anymore.
+ Increased Iron Hills structre spawning
+ Fixed nurn banners in nurn structures instead of mordor banners
+ Fixed Elven rope not giving damage when you have - alignment for High Elves
+ Increased Arvedui structure spawning
+ Fixed western orcs being invisible in Khazad-Dûm. Instead it are the High Elves now.
+ Added new location to get crates and money
+ Added dwarven bed recipe in wicked dwarf crafting table
+ Added dwarfwort spawns now in the wind mountains
+ Renamed Angmar to Northern Orcs
+ Northern Orcs are allowed to use Black Numenor armor/weapons
+ Added Desert Scorpions spawn in the red desert
+ Added new Wood-Elves banner
+ Added Arthedain horse armor
+ Added noteblock recipe
+ Changed durability modifiers
+ Changed wood-man sword texture
+ Added (raw)bacon
+ Added Wicked Dwarf Mattock
+ Added chest cannot protect a banner rule
+ Added rule that prevents from hunting someone when you are in a radius of 100 blocks
+ Added unsmelt recipes for all submod animal armor
+ Added message for your grave location
+ Added uruk cracked brick
+ Thranduil Halls can no longer be used as waypoint if you are an enemy of the wood-elves
+ You can no longer place elven ropes in a siege
+ You can now break elven ropes in a siege
+ On making vertical slabs you get 6 now. instead of 3.
+ Changed conquest points to resource points on website
+ Added bow for cardolan
+ Added glowing dwarven brick recipe on Moria Orc and Wicked dwarf crafting table
+ You can no longer ft to waypoints of angmar if you are an enemy
+ Increased damage of wicked dwarf crossbow units 
+ Added Blue Dwarven Crossbow
+ Fixed recipe for Gundabad Uruk tools. you craft it now with any bone typ
+ Added War drums
+ Added mounted units for all added sub factions
+ Added rails and minecarts are now smeltable
+ Added gem treasure piles
+ Added Bounder ability increase
+ Added Wooden Minecart + Wooden Rails
+ Added Trader buy option for faction leaders in faction gui
+ Added Esgaroth banner recipe in esgaroth table
+ Added wicked dwarves recipe for dwarven gates
+ Added recipe for orocarni chains
+ Added new custom effects
+ Added faction gui
+ Added staff gui
+ Added faction gui tutorial
+ Added changed regeneration effect stats
+ Added on battle disable. all people are kicked.
+ Changed on entering forodwaith or another not accesable biome, you are teleported to weathertop instead of a bit back.
+ Fixed access to bank block in GUI. Only donators will have this now
+ Fixed Last desert waypoints didn't unlock
+ Fixed Wicked Dwarf structures spawned with wrong tables
+ Fixed Angmar warrior helmet recipe
+ Fixed website spelling mistakes
+ Fixed An-batina doesn't unlock in right region
+ Fixed dwarven ram getting damage on climbing mountain
+ Fixed logathrim structures dont spawn with tables
+ Fixed Golden Crate open crash
+ Fixed on crate drop and open, you get the reward + no playerpoints are taken away. that is now fixed.
+ Fixed mossy umbar brick are now made with umbar brick
+ Fixed beaches spawn again for specific biomes
+ Fixed arnor not being invisible in the white downs
+ Fixed Hobbit Shirrifs are no longer hireble



+ Added gold crate



+ Fixed Western Orcs not being invisible in Uruk Highlands
+ Fixed bugg that faction joining is broken
+ Fixed spelling mistake on website for ANduin Vales
+ Esgaroth boat now spawns with laketown loot



+ Fixed map bugg (not able to teleport or see anyone on map



+ Fixed Arthedain 10 banner on territory map
+ All new subfactions/factions can now craft poison arrows/bolts
+ Orocarni steel block can now be reverted back into steel
+ Wicked Dwarf steel block can now be reverted back into steel
+ Charcoal block can now be reverted back into charcoal
+ Goblin crafting tables now spawn in their structures
+ Added arena system (hope it works)
+ Added a brew for the Wood-Men
+ 3 new Advanced Roles on discord: Events, MrAres newspaper and Conquest Points
+ Gundabad armor spawns now in the gundabad structures instead of goblin armor
+ Gundabad structures spawn with the right loot now
+ Men of the west are now hidden in tolfalas
+ Removed Mithrill in Gundabad Mine
+ Changed stats of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur
+ Updated hunt rules
+ Added Wood-men Horse Armor
+ Increased wicked dwarf spawnrate



+ Rules are updated!
+ Rules are now in a excel document
+ Discord reorganize
+ Added Dwarvenbow for all dwarves
+ Added Dwarven crossbow units
+ Enabled book, campfire and lamp from customnpc block
+ Added Moria Warg armor
+ Added Mossy Umbar Bricks
+ Changed wood-men and Anduin-Men base stats for armor/weapons/gear
+ Rams now spawn in the Mountains of the Wind
+ White numenor armor can now be reverted back to black numenor armor
+ Added umbar rhino armor
+ Added dunland horse armor
+ New ranks on discord
+ Blue dwarven & durin's folk ram armor
+ Uruk berserker armor
+ Recipe for Taurethrim Cocoa
+ Athelas brew changes
+ Dwarven tonic brew changes
+ Toolspeed is again like base lotr mod stats
+ Added Wicked Dwarven Steel block
+ Added Charcoal Block
+ Added Laketown CT
+ Added Laketown weapons
+ Added Orocarni Steel Block
+ Dye can now be applied to wool/glass to change the color! However it takes the first dye in your inventory!
+ Added barkifier
+ Added laketown armor
+ Added Laketown Officer Armor
+ Fixed Wood-men alignment achievement language mistake
+ Fixed Wood-men sword mistake
+ Fixed Gold & Silver ingots in crate gives nothing
+ Fixed Equiping full suit of silver-trimmed armors give X achievement
+ Fixed language mistake for all vertical slabs
+ Another try to fix the biome message disable/enable function



+ Bug fixes!



+ Durin's folk is no longer hidden in khazad-dûm
+ Western orcs is now hidden in Isengard and Dunland
+ Western crown is now made with Uruk Helmet instead of Dol Guldur helmet
+ Fixed typ mistake for Arthedain Ruines
+ Taurethrim doesn't ask for killing their own faction
+ Added Wood-men faction
+ Added armor, weapons, blocks, structures for the Wood-men
+ Added Anduin-men as subfaction to the Wood-men
+ Added armor, weapons, blocks, structures for the Anduin-men
+ Added language file for everything
+ Added Anduin-men to spawn in Anduin
+ Added Wood-men biome!



+ Siege Pause system works like it should work
+ White Numenor Armor is now just called Numenor Armor
+ Numenor Armor texture changed
+ Arthedain and cardolan archers now shoot arrows
+ Changed Rhûn Forest under Mountains of the wind to Easterling Forest(like it was intended)
+ Removed the wicked dwarves structures that spawned in the Easterling Forest
+ You can now reforge in a smith for subfaction items
+ Added label in forodwaith
+ Updated to LOTR Mod Beta 36.6!



+ Fixed Armor Helmet Model for NPC
+ Fixed Language mistake for Rhovanion Gold-Trimmed Armor
+ Rhûdel is now invisible in Erun Garan
+ PVP in factions is now possible
+ Men of the west are now hidden in Rohan
+ Arnor is now hidden in eriador, Eriador Downs, Breeland, Chetwood, Minhiriath, The Angle
+ Ranger bows are improved
+ Added Durability x2.25 - x2.5 - x3.0
+ Arnor can no longer use poisoned arrows
+ Arnor is allowed to use Athelas
+ Improved wicked dwarves area of influence.
+ Fixed bugg with the biome enter message
+ Biome enter message is now standard on true



+ Fixed Armor Helmet Model
+ Fixed Language mistake for Wicked Dwarves
+ Possible fix for slabs wrong name
+ Fixed Recipes for trimmed armor
+ Fixed Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur archers not shooting arrows
+ Arnor is no longer hidden in Rhudaur
+ Rhûdel is now hidden on Eryn Rhunaer and Tol Rhunaer
+ Added toggle for biome hide message
+ Timeline update is now live!



+ Fixed that you don't get removed faction kill quests
+ Added for all LOTR mod wood types a vertical slab
+ Removed Kebab Block in Minas Morgul Orc tower
+ Fixed that submod NPC Archers shoot arrows
+ Crates & Bree update is now live!



+ Fixed that Arnor npcs don't attack their enemy
+ Fixed that you gather 2x alignment
+ Fixed that you can hire rivendell npc in near harad
+ Hopefully fixed crash with new forges



+ Added NPC Respawner to all Towers, Fortress, Camp, Barrack structures of the submod!
+ Added Moriquendi spawn in Eryn Garan
+ Added NEI download posibility!



+ Changed Avari biome their trees spawnrate
+ Fixed bugg in the orocarni structures



+ Fixed Mistakes in the Language File
+ Changed invasion frequenci in Dol Amroth
+ Changed Language name of Firebeards and Arvedui Mountains
+ Changed Spawn rate of Dol Amroth structures



+ Added the Help GUI
+ Added Command to add money and Player Points to a player
+ Added Reset player command
+ Added bank block




+ Removed build wand from submod, to be added later.
+ Added Money currency and Player points to a player



+ Added a build wand to the submod
+ Fixed errors in the Faction Select GUI Mod



+ Added the Faction Select GUI Mod
+ Added gravestone to submod and removed the original grave mod.



+ Fixed a crashing bugg on the server.
+ Added new tree variants: Dead Beech, Dead Plum, Dead Apple, Dead Pear
+ Added Broccoli, Cabbage, Garlic and beet.
+ Replaced Siege System to the RP addon mod
+ Added faction join command
+ Changed faction pledge from 100 alignment to 10 for each faction.
+ Fixed some language errors.



+ Removed Vote Key Items
+ Added everything in the language file



+ Updated whole map with new biomes
+ Added the following not subfaction biomes: Rhûn Swamp, Forest Rhûn, Last Desert Edge, Red Desert Mountains, Northern Forest Border, Rûn Plains, Rhûn Fields, Ruined Dorwinion, Forodwaith coastline & Sea, Arda Coastline & Sea, Western Marshes, Green Land, Brown Fields, Enedwaith Mountains, Enedwaith Mountains foothills, Enedwaith Swamp



+ Added Mining Skill Ability

+ the Mining blocks



+ Added the biomes for the subfactions we added!



+ Added all items/blocks for the subfactions we added!



+ Added the subfactions Rhudaur, Iron Hills, Cardolan, Arthedain, Stonefoot, Linaewen, Blacklocks, FIreBeards, Arvedui Dwarves and Minas Morgul
+ Renamed Avari to Moriquendi
+ Added the Mining skill



+ Removed Moria Dwarves and their items/structures/blocks
+ Changed the full backwork of the submod, making Armor Enchants, Item Register and more fully automatic.