Rule Number Rule Punishment

You are allowed to take items/kill or destroy player owned mobs, mounts, crops or other player belongings. It is your own responsibility to protect your items. (See General rule 10 for exception)



You are not allowed to use a second account to play.

1 warning + second account gets banned


Anything you build outside your faction home territory can be removed by the faction whose territory you have built in.



You can build outside your own territories freely. But you are not allowed to protect it with banners.
If you are building a claimbuild and 4/6 requirements are done you can protect it. If you are hunted there you need to leave the build. Only one claimbuild can be protected by a faction at any time.

Banner gets removed,
doing it again results in a warning


Don't build on roads or trap waypoints, but you can build near them. Staff can be asked for special permissions.

1 warning


Do not grief landscape or NPC structures. (You can completely remove NPC structures)

1 warning


You cannot build or set waypoints within 500 blocks of another player's base without their permission unless they are in the same faction as you.

1 warning & remove it


Using glitches or pillaring/mining to get inside a claimed base is prohibited. However using parkour and mounts is acceptable.

1 warning


Do not use any form of hacks or exploits, that includes, but is not limited to:
- X-ray (including X-ray texture packs)
- Hacked clients
- Exploiting game mechanics to achieve things that you normally shouldn't be able to
- (duplication glitches for example).

Each case is judged separately.


Stealing and griefing property and items owned by your faction members is illegal. If you have access to something it doesn't mean you own it.
There are lots of gray zones here but staff will judge each case depending on evidence and deliver punishment accordingly.

1 warning if provided with good proof
Each case also depends on the situation.