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add ports/havens? If a port is constructed to a sea or river that faction can use boats (they have to have atleast one) and go cheaper to territories which is attached to the river or the sea which the port is attached too. For example. If umbar has a port they can attack any territory of gondor maybe? And if the wood elves make a port we can sail to territories for like 1 point less per territory we cross or something

Thomas/Harambe 18 1

Make it able to poison bananas!

Lucky 14 9

change the recipe of polished andesite to its vanila counter part, so instead of 4 andesite turning into 1 polished andesite you have a 1 to 1 ratio

Pixelatedknight 15 2

Make steel bars unsmeltable, (elf steel bars, iron bars, orc steel bars etc

Stampler 22 2

Make it so that if you swim in the water inside/ around Esgaroth for to long you will freeze to death. The water in Esgaroth is always described as Ice cold because of its direct laying under the mountains. (This would be the same effect as in Forodwaith.

sethsnijders 21 1

a clarification to PvP rule §2: non-faction gear which everyone is allowed to use includes everything that can be made on the vanilla crafting table (e.g. whips)

avo 16 3

Make just like king in the lotr mod chat, a commander tag. Like NaatieOdd has king behind his name, maybe commanders should have commander? Or is it just extra.

Lucky 25 2

make it possible to craft Dwarven gates with WD steel since you can craft it with both Dwarven and BM steel already.

Switzerland 23 1

craftable stalagmites

Yummy 12 2

forbid the /kill command in hunts. So people can't just kill themself to prevent the hunter for getting a bounty for example

Xiphius 22 1

give goblins the standard orc sounds its awkard to kill them right now when they make no sound

KoningZeeotter 16 1

Make it so you can only gift bordering territories, it's kinda stupid if you can gift land from the other side of the map

xHenkka 22 5

add iron trapdoor

PanosGr123 22 2

make the Wainrider smithy spawn a smith all other Rhûnic smithies have one

Switzerland 17 1

Wainrider cavalry cause thats kind of what they are known for

Switzerland 19 1

use gilded iron for Rhûdel brew instead of gold since golden Rhûn armour also uses gilded iron

Switzerland 16 1

garlic bread

KoningZeeotter 28 1

make it snow in the khazad-dum foot hills

MinerAedan 18 1

make it so you can recruit iron hills cross-bowers and axe trowers. orocarni has axe throwers but not cross-bowers.

Farin Stonehammer 18 4

Add the prices of crates to the crate shop

xHenkka 20 1

Make the Red Rhunic Pillar craftable with Rhunic Bricks too. Because now its only cargon for Rhunic Pillars.

Lucky 10 5

if you get killed during a hunt and you can not return but you spawn next to where you die. Make it so that you need to go atleast 100 blocks from where you died without taking anything.

MR Bones 17 1

new achievement for killing Arthedain men now it just gives you the bree-men one

Switzerland 16 1

make moving through marshes in wars cost 1 rp more since it would take longer

Switzerland 20 5

Add Moria Orcs Bow

oli1428 16 1

also increase the protection of nûriag armour chest plate only has 5 prot whilst we use iron for it(the other gear made with iron like umbaric and gondorian have 6)

NaatieOdd 17 4

Buff Nûriag sword from 6,5 damage to 7 damage

NaatieOdd 13 10

Make gemsbok horns usable in the arrow recipe instead of flint (Rhin horns, kine of araw horns and normal horns are already valid options)

xHenkka 20 1

Add Cardolan horse armor since there is currently no horse armor for Cardolan

PixelatedKnight 23 1

make the Pelargir Eket do 7 dmg just like almost every other sword

Collin 010 9 9

suggestion from @TotalyNotFakeNews allow farmers to hold crop plants like kiwi or strawberries


Switzerland 20 1

make esgaroth gear more Durability, because now its 380 for the chestplate, it is broken in no time

ElderBerry2072 11 8

more HP for mumakil, they should be somewhat of a tank but they’re very useless as they are now

Yummy248 19 1

maybe boost the damage of the dorwinion elven dagger to 4 cuz now it does 1 damage

MinerAedan 12 2

add gil-galad banner (ive already made it)

MinerAedan 13 1

make it so that evil cant ft to good fac since good cant do it either so it should me mutual

Shadow 12 5

don’t know if this is been suggested but armour for spider mount

See hrun 17 1

make it sow e can breed spiders 

Ruben 20 1

add roads to the conquest map

Collin 22 1

Nerf the rhinos they too op or
make it soo you cant jump off 
and heal ya mount since its just impossible to kill a rhino rider

Aurelian 20 10

Mumakil/oliphaunt sadles (like the ones from the movies)

Sharpol 25 1

Make wargs breedable like horses, would
make them more of a viable mount since atm they suck

Stampler 22 3

Make grass grow on dirt slabs or just make a own grass slab.

Lord SIGGEN 22 1

have a way smaller cooldown on #?questions. Its now 5 minutes, I think 1:30 should me more than enough

Angela 18 3

add lanterns

Angela 17 1

Add chairs on the starter island (Tol Morwen)

oli1428 6 12

able to stack dwarven slabs

jobsteen 14 1

being able to stack custom slabs and place plates on em

jobsteen 12 1

add esgaroth polearm/pikes ( pictures will be send in discussion channel)

ElderBerry2072 11 1

add eregion smith in eregion

Thomas/Harambe 16 1

make it so u can switch every 2 or 3 weeks, and that it automatically resets so staff don't have to do it

stampler 10 9

Add the mod or is it a plugin that allows us to make shops

August 12 6

make the abbility for mining better/increase 
the size of the blocks you remove

Thomas 20 2

Retexture cardolan gear, its pretty ugly

Stimpy 17 3

add trimmed wicked dwarven bricks

NaatieOdd 22 1

add a new effect for arnor slowfall is realy dumb you start gliding first then like after 1 or 2 blocks you get locked in a 1x1 space and just fall down like you suddently hit barrier blocks

August 17 1

Make it so we as players can make our own events which will then be posted under #????events to revive more of the events thing ofc it would need to go threw staff first

august 12 2

this kind of armor would cool (wood-elf guard)

collin 24 6

A umbaric/black numenorian captain helmet

xsnipzy 17 7

being able to place down buckets

NaatieOdd 21 4

Let poisoned arrows be craftable in dsalish crafting tables

ElderBerry 19 9

Make Galadrhim cloak armor reforgeable in an Galadhrim (High-Elven) Smith with coins

Glaasie 28 2

let morgul armor be reforged in angmar & mordor smiths

Stampler 23 1

mithril treasure piles just for the flex

MinerAedan 28 1

wicked dwarf gates?
avari gates and orocarni

Omgguz 24 1

add a rule that people cant just use any armor
when going into enemy territory so if the enemy wants to attack 
them they dont have to "agree" with the people in their land using 
different armor thats probably better then theirs

Thomas 18 8

Make slow chat in suggestions discussions only 15 seconds as 1 minute has to be a pain in the backside. (Even tho I bypass xD)

Henkka 18 3

remove the 100 blocks hunt rule its making more problems then its fixing from what i can see

August 20 7

add a rule that you cant spawn invasion during a hunt since it just makes the 150c rule invalid for that and its a loophole on getting npc help imo

August 11 5

Let blank (all color) banner be made with the normal banner recipe cool 4 buidling

ElderBerry 22 2

being able to craft a mechanism with wicked dwarf steel

NaatieOdd 22 1

dorwinion gear (men and elves) be reforgable in a dalish smith cuz it now cost 2 ingots per sword in a anvil

Elderberry 23 4

Change the chat cooldown 4 in bugs a lot shorter, like 3 min or something, becuz 10 min is far to long

ElderBerry 13 1

make it so you can toggle the night vision of dwaves cuz its rilly annoying some times

MinerAedan 17 2

add glass slabs

NaatieOdd 24 3

Add a command to see the players with the most playtime.
Like a /topplaytime command. Maybe even the factions
with the most playtime

xHenkka 10 0

Make a skill leaderboard thru a command like /skillstop

xsnipzy 6 8

rename the tool for the vertical slabs from: "Vertical Wrench" to the name of: "slabifier"

JimY 19 1

Make it so you cannot lose alignment of your own pledged faction if you break a grave inside a bannered area.

xHenkka 17 3

change the recipe of norther orc draught to make it morgul shrrooms instead of durnur (kinda makes no sense since durnur doesnt spawn in angmar biomes)

august 16 9

make it so you can break hay bales faster with hoes

Panos 23 1

Hobbit bane

Skullzer 30 2


do a retexture of the uruk bricks they are very ugly

ruben 21 1

Remove the damage taking from Orc Draught,
aren't Uruks immune to it? We shouldn't take any damage from it.
Keep the damage to people that are not orcs or Uruks so they can take damage.

panos 15 12

Is it too late to suggest that Ranger Bows be made better?
They are a people whose way of life is based off using a bow for combat, and it is a crying shame that they
have Vanilla-level bows. I'm not suggesting anything crazy, but maybe have them be 113, 113, 113 unmodified
rather than the current 100, 100, 100? Also, is it possible to make Rangers spawn with only Ranger bows and no vanilla bows?

Silent 12 0

Make either Enduring higher or add another scroll with more durability because in previous experience (DF)
mining out places really sucks cuz all pickaxes break like butter in an oven

Xsnipzy 11 0

maby extra speak channels for people that dont want explody heads

Shadow 10 0

allow the usage of mounts when there are 5 or less people online (Im online alone as Im suggesting this)

xHenkka 13 0

add a faction propaganda channel so factions can try and get more people

BrackoBat 7 3

Make poisoned arrows also not allowed for arnor, for the same reason as Men of The West.

xHenkka 10 0

Make the wicked dwarves area of influence bigger, so you can also kill avari elves for alignment.
right now it only reaches a tiny part of the orocarni mountains and it's super hard to get alignment

xHenkka 10 0

make Númenórean armor for The Arnor
peeps like Black Númenórean for umbar

Dark_Knight 8 1

Add a Arthedain Battlestaff,
Arthedain (or other subfactions) doesn't have
any actual weapons like warhammers/battle axes.
And Battlestaffs from the Elven factions are pretty
nice to use, so we want a similar thing for Arnor if possible.

Pobu 10 1

Arnor levy men with Arnor levy armor,
like the gondor ones, possibly other facs
could get levies as well

Lynce 11 0

Change the new durability modifiers from lucky (2.25x durability),
fortunate (2.5x durability) and masterful (3x durability)

To Durable (2.25x durability), Hardened (2.5x durability)
and Unbreaking (3x durability).

Henkka 20 2

add a wicked dwarf crown we are the only faction that doesn't have one

Naatieodd 14 1

add so that Wicked dwarves can make dwarven doors cuz
atm they can't (in their own crafting)

NaatieOdd 17 2

Make a seperate discord channel category for the technical help
so #????technical-support #deleted-channel #?reports and the questions
channel I suggested :wink:

Xhenkka 14 1

We allow (special) RP character to have saurons mace/gandalfs staff.
- You become it by being active and if you are fully trusted by staff
- The weapons will be nerved
- You cannot use the ABILITY in a hunt or a 1vs1 fight
- You can use it in a war

supersam_792 14 6

rename white numenorean to just numenorean

naatieodd 17 2

make a report-discussion channel so staff can see the reports clearer

risingangel 18 1

maby a retexure for the white numinor armor because it doesnt justy the gear

shadow 16 1

Make war rules into a new seperate document,
organize them better and go over all of them before releasing them.
Right now they have some flaws and for example some restrictions
for claimbuilds are placed in the war rule category.

Xhenkka 6 0

Clear up the rules in general.
For example, remove beornings from there
(I don't think those exist anymore).
Make a page (either seperate or in the rules doc)
on what gear factions are allowed to use, so the mounts,
the brews, poisoned arrows etc. Armor and weapons
don't need to be specified.

xHenkka 6 0

Make a channel for questions
. This would be a seperate channel where your
questions don't get overrun by a coversation.
Could also be that only staff is allowed to answer
but I think that isn't necessary.

xHenkka 12 1

re-add the dwarvenbow for DF BM and Wickeddorfs
cuz atm we don't have a normal bow

NaatieOdd 7 1

add dwarven crossbow units

naatieodd 14 7

Enable book, campfire and lamp from CustomNpcs Blocks,

Siggen 16 1

readd this bow for all dwarves

naatieodd 12 2

add moria warg armour

ruben 23 1

mossy umbar bricks

omgguz 16 4

make rams spawn in windie mountians
they spawn everywhere but here they
even spawn in harad

naatieodd 26 1

make a way to make white numenoreon back into black numenoreon

DontDutchMeThere 21 10

Maybe add more rhino armor like a
taurethrim one that is gold like and a ubar that is more red/silverish

daniellex 19 5

Dunland horse armour would be nice

ruben 18 7

a new discord role, that you get by showing that
your able to discust in a normal way,
so that you are able to talk in a special chat where only
those people can discust. So that discussions actually have progress

supersam_792 19 1

Blue dwarven & normal dwarven ram armor

supersam_792 NOT VOTED HEHEHE

a new armour for uruks like full uruk beserker
and the difrence is that it has white paint over it

Ruben 9 4

just make a recipe for Taurethrim Cocoa,
so they have a good potion drink aswell

pobu 16 14

maybe add haste to dwarven tonic so it is more dwarf because
we live in da mountains and we need to mine da mountains

risingangle 26 4

Nerf ethalas cuz its too op and no other brew can match it,
it was kinda okay at first but now that we have to contest people
in the desser because Arnor gets Numenorian its unbeatable.
I would seggest as nerf:
1. No regen or really short
2. Make Athelas legal for every faction
3. Make more beverages that have srength and regen for evil and good0

xsnipzy 16 15

return the tool speed enchants like they used to be
(handy1.5) (nimble2.0) (hasty3.0) (masterfull4.0)

naatieodd 23 1

Make wicked dwarven steel blocks and charcoal blocks

xsnipsy 11 10

and mabey we should get a crafting table for
lake town were you can make thesr wapons on

ruben 21 4

an orocarni steel block

risingangel 16 1

mabey it would be nice to have some laketown wapons for dale

ruben 19 7

When you guys are adding (player custome) factions in the future and its possition is somewhat...
close to other factions
let the community know

Jimy 16 1

If we are going to lower the stats of the woodmen gear,
also lower the arthedain and rhudaur gear,
as well as any other mannish faction that uses dwarven gear stats.
Except the swords which should stay 7.0 dmg like all other factions.
Also higher the woodmen sword to 7.0 damage because every other faction gets that.

henkka 22 2

add rule that people who hunt and support also can’t fast travel

DontDutchMethere 20 1

I am making a newspaper in the
server to keep up with the current events.
A couple of people think I could get a section
in the discord where I can post my newspaper
so everyone can read it. I would like this.

Mrares 19 3

a way to make charcoal blocks back into charcoal

DontDutchMethere 22 1

make it so that arnor can use shire ponys seeing as its their sub faction

Omgguz 16 2

Woodmen horse armor

thallahhh 24 1

mute people that use caps too
much in chat, right now Max and
Aurelius are just using caps non stop and its annoying

Thomas 18 4

increase wicked dwarf spawnrate there are next to none atm

naatieodd 20 2

war drums to strike fear in youre enemies

ruben 28 2

Make another voting location on the bottom
right side of the map cuz everything is now in the north

NaatieOdd 8 1

add orocarni & other dwarven sub factions mounted units

Takeawaytje 12 1

maby make rails and minecarts smeltable

shadow 25 2

gem piles and coin piles

thehumanman 8 5

add a new minecart made of wood

naatieodd 15 7

maby put the site link and ip in the rules and serv info tab so its easy to find

shadow 20 1

Make it possible to buy traders at bree,
make it somewhat expensive so people
cannoy easily abuse it (5-10k per trader, commanders can be cheaper)

xHenkka 16 3

remove the other durability modifiers and only keep 1.5x Lasting,
2.0x Enduring and 3.0x Unbreaking. The other ones are kind of useless
since you will most likely want the best one and the others
are just annoying to get.

xhenkka 19 3

An Among Us chat wich only people with among us rank can see

xSnipzy 9 7

make i that we can make dwarven beds in a wicked dwarf crafting table

risingangel 22 1

let dwarfwort spawn in the wind mountains to

risingangel 21 1

rename Angmar faction to fit both Angmar orcs and Gundabad Orcs
Preferebly to Northern Orcs it fits with the theme of Western Orcs

aurelian 25 2

Allow Angmar to use black Númenórean stuff
they were a big deal there and also lived there

Bromir 19 4

have desert scorpions spawn in the red desert mountains

theHumanMan 14 11

new banner for woodland-realm

collin 29 1

Make Arthedain/Cardolan Horse armor,
i believe we are the only faction without Mount gear.
Also the new added factions have gear

Lynce 18 1

make noteblocks craftable

DontDutchMeThere 19 1

new wood man sword texture, old one was very colourless.

Stimpy 23 1

nice crispy bacon

omgguz 22 2

Add a wicked dwarf mattock,
the reason is that it just makes sense,
the durin's folk has one, and the blue mountains,
I think it would be handy for the wicked dwarves

skullzer 27 1

remove the option to place chests to protect a banner (rules)

SuperSam_792 14 3

i dont know how but make it so that u cant just hunt some1
while ur 10 blocks behind them and they have no clue and then just kill
them real quick, cuz tsagsenpaiu is doing then and he is a fucking

thomas 16 13

make it so you can un smelt boar and ram armour.

farin stonehammer 23 2

When u die make it say, 'Ur grave is located at (coordinates)'
so basically it says the coordinates of where u died to and where ur
grave is so we can stop bothering sam in discord when we die and we
cannot find our grave because of a stupid reason.

stimpy 26 5

Add Uruk Cracked Bricks.

panos 25 1

Add a rule that after a territory has changed owners,
no one can declare a war over it for 72 hours.
This is to prevent people from going to war over a
territory that has been just taken.
So to prevent for example taking an enemy territory and they
war you for it 10 minutes after they lost the battle.

xhenkka 25 3

fix it that evil cant fast travel to Thranduils Halls,
because some evil peeps can ft to there and are
then in the center of our Realm

xiphius 18 14

add it so that u can break elven rope in sieges

naatieodd 11 14

wood-elven horse armor

collin 23 2

Dont allow elven rope in siege builds
because it burns evil players and can make the structures
impossible to take.

xhenkka 15 12

make it so when you craft the vertical slabs it
actually give you 6 like normal slabs

koningzeeotter 24 1

Change the tab on the website from conquest
points to resource points.

xhenkka 18 1

bow for cardolan

lynce 20 2

What if you could make dwarven glowing bricks
with Moria crafting table and wicked crafting table?

panos 21 2

add a rule that only the parties involved and staff can discuss a
report, not just any1

thomas 17 8

Arnorian Player should not be able to ft to our
waypoints in angmar it makes
no sense we cant ft to theirs why should they be able to ft to ours

aurelian 22 3

increase wickeddwarf/dwarf crossbow units they cost 60 coins and
do less damage then even the axe throwers

naatieodd 19 1

blue dwarf crossbow

dontDutchMeThere 18 4

fix the crafting recipes for gundabad
tools the texture looks like the tools use
bones for crafting but they use sticks
while everything else uses bones instead of sticks

aurelian 22 1

make a complain channel that people can mute so
they don't get notifications every time something
happens and people start complaining

bromir 14 4

make it that you can transfer all your coins
into the bank at once, i got a bunch of single
coins but it just transfers 1 per click

Thomas/harambe 24 1

new iron hills block textures (already made them)

MinerAedan 15 1

since Sam van create armor and blocks and
stuff why not add the arken stone to be found
in erebor could be nice for roleplay and stuff

Thalllahh 4 1

add the elfs back to the dorwinion subfaction after
woodland elfs migrate there because they want to
get away from the expansionist charackter of the woodland realm

awesiem 19 7

Make a Lettuce block (basically just like how you
can combine wheat into haybales) but a lettuce

sharpol 21 2

make it so you can use man flesh to make kebab, would be funny

skullzer 20 4

allow us to post screens in #?reports-discussion since the #?reports cooldown is very big

KonignZeeotter 19 1

Buff the lossarnach battleaxe. It only does 7.5
dmg but it's a fiefdom known for their great battleaxes.
Make it do at least 8.5 dmg like other human factions or maybe even 9.0 dmg.

xhenkka 17 3

When crafting fortification blocks, make the recipe give at
least 2 or mybe even 4 blocks since now you use 2 wood and 2 cobble for a single block.

xhenkka 23 1

make Elven rope doesnt do dmg

jimY 18 3

move the carar galadhon waypoint so that
its out of the build and so that people can ft there with mounts

Shadow 17 4

make it a rule that only parties involved can talk about
the report and if the rest wants to talk about it make
them use discussion channel

bromir 15 2

make it if you want to attack a mount with
someone on it you also need to hunt since now 2 people come
to you kill your mount 1 runs away 100 blocks hunts and other
one supports and theres nothing you can do

ThomSenator 20 1

Make it allowed to kill offline player units
in your own homeland since if someone
parks them in front of ur base it sucks.

xHenkka 17 1

make it so you can heal horses with green apples

shadow 24 2

a nice retexture of the wood-elven armor (its ugly af)

Collin 19 2

better texture for the normal wicked dwarves shield

Florens 11 2