10 February 3001 T.A.

Evil got wind of the white council meeting that was going to happen in Caras Galadhon
and whilst good was gathering evil was doing the same.

From the crossroads of Anduin evil started to move to Lothlorien.
A brave Gondorian force tried intercepting the forces of evil but were ultimately slain.
evil continued marching toward Lothlorien.

Once the evil forces were gatherd infront of the gate of Caras Galadhon they started attacking High Lord JimY.
Good retreated inside, and started preparing to push out.
All of good gathered at the gate and pushed all out at once.

Evil was kinda surprised by the sudden push of good, which caused evil to panic and act unorganized.
The forces of the wicked dwarves suffered the most losing everyone including Wicked King Nathan.

After seeing that they were losing Sauron called for the evil forces to retreat.
Harad and Mordor succesfully did so killing some Gondorians and High elves on their way home.

After the skirmish the white council meeting continued peacefully without any problems.

23 January 3001 T.A.

The men of Gondor and Rohan assembled for an invasion on the High Elven territory Fields of Celebrant. The Men of the West marshed in, but underestimated the High Elves. Their numbers where great, and outnumberd the Men of the West with twice their amount. The High Elves engaged and the battle was fierce. And the Men of the West made some heavy casualties. The Commander lead the battle further for the Men of the West, but the High Elves already engaged again and hunted down the remaining soldiers. Only 2 soldiers remained, one fled into Lothlorién, and the other one fled back into Rohan. The war was won by the High Elves, they had no casualties.

11 January 3001 T.A.

The King of Men of the West, Shadowlord, went to Fords of Isen when he suddenly got hunted by the Sultan of Harad: xHenkka. Shadowlord hid from Henkka and called for aid. One of his Gondorians, Xiphius, who comes from Dol Amroth, came to aid. He attacked the Sultan and almost killed him, but then Sauron appeared, and with his help the Sultan badly wounded Xiphius. Shadowlord still didn't show himself. Henkka and Sauron searched from him in the caves, but the King already fled. The Sultan and Sauron left, but promised to be back one day.

8 January 3001 T.A.

The Men of the West announced a attack on the High Elves 
Because they think that the high elves are getting to powerfull.

8 January 3001 T.A.

The battle for Rhûn 23 where the wicked dwarves were defending was ultimately lost
by the wicked dwarves after men of the west came to help Durins Folk 

8 January 3001 T.A.

after the high elves infiltraded the wicked dwarven capital the wicked dwarves went on a rampage and killed every single high elf at dimrill dale

December 3000 T.A.

after the rise of the wood elves and almost succeeding in capturing all of mirkwood 
the wood elves started to perish and some said that would never reach the same potentaill  ever again

30 November 3000 T.A.

A skirmish at the fort of the River Gate where Goblins and Orcs where coming down the Misty Mountains with some Haradrim from the south where the Elves, Dwarvers and Men succesfull defended the fort.

17 November 3000 T.A 

On the 17th of November 3000 T.A. Lord Arzietekto annexed Khazad-Dûm and named it his 5th Elven Realm of Khazad-Dûm.
He named his commander, JimY, Lord of Khazad-Dûm who is leading an expedition into Khazad-Dûm. 

13 November 3000 T.A.

 Battle of Khazad-Dûm

On the 13/15th November of 3000 T.A. the High-Elves under command of Lord Arzietekto led their army into the region of Khazad-Dûm against the Western Orcs as a diversion attack.
The High-Elves pierced through the army of the Western Orcs who fled into their castle. After a bloody but short siege the High-Elves won an overwheling victory with very minor losses on their side.

13 September, TA 3000 

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